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The Firm Specialty Industries

Though W.P. Tax & Accounting Group handles many industries from time to time, besides the I.T. Industry, most of the firm's clients today are from Government, Real Estate, and Non-Profit industries.

Real Estate
  Finding a good CPA is difficulty because most CPAs are not investors or are not familiar with creative real estate transactions. Most CPAs and accountants are rank amateurs regarding real estate transactions. That’s where W. P. Tax & Accounting Group can help you.

At W. P. Tax & Accounting Group, you will receive first-rate accounting solutions from accounting professionals who are either real estate investors or understand creative real estate transactions.

Tax Services

Our professionals know that tax services are integral part of most real estate transactions. That’s why we’ll begin tax planning for you at the beginning of the tax year and consult with you throughout the year on how to save money on taxes and legally keep most of your profits from the tax system.

Our range of tax services includes:

· Flipper, Retailer and Scout tax issues
· Tax solutions at buying and selling properties
· Property Tax Consulting
· Tax Planning and Compliance
· Preparation and Review of tax returns
· Cost Segregation Studies
· Tax- Free Exchanges
· Property Tax Appeal and Reduction service
· Depreciation Acceleration
· Federal Tax Lien Removal From Property’s Title

Accounting & Audit Services

Our trained professionals can help you with the following accounting and auditing services:

· Financial Statement Preparation
· Payroll and Payroll Tax assistance
· Account and Bank Reconciliation
· Compilation and Review
· Financial Audit

Financing Assistance Services

Looking to purchase more properties and need financing? Our professionals can provide you with the following financing assistances:

· Financial needs assessment and analysis
· Loan package preparation with financial analysis
· Professional assistance in presenting your loan package to banks and negotiating the loan
· Assistance in obtaining lines of credit

Litigation Support Services

In today’s litigious society, our real estate accountants can provide you with highly specialized technical and financial skills necessary to successfully resolve disputes involving the area of accounting expertise.

We assist legal counsel by:
· Preparing tax analysis
· Helping take the deposition of the other party’s expert witness
· Suggesting avenues of inquiry 
· Helping interpret documents
· Rebuttal report
· Testifying as expert witness
· Assisting in eliciting information from other witnesses

Our professionals are more than just accountants. 

Information Technology Consulting Services

We can help you find the best option to fit your information technology needs at a reasonable cost. If you already have an existing website, we can create a “ Property For Sale” webpage(s) to advertise your properties for sale online. This is especially effective because you get your advertisement out to a worldwide audience.
  At W. P. Tax & Accounting Group, we understand that authorities have a duty to spend public money wisely and make arrangements to secure continuous, improvement in their services in terms of economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

That’s why government entities and their partners can expect the outcome of any accounting and auditing services provided by us to ensure that the government’s needs are met in the most effective, economical and timely manner.

Services we can provide government entities at a reasonable cost include:

· Financial Audit
· Account Reconciliation
· Performance Audit 
· General Accounting
· Internal Controls Review
· Compliance Audit
  Our professionals are familiar with the unique financial management issues of not-for-profits entities and can provide the following services:

· Financial Audit
· Financial Statement Preparation
· Review & Compilation
· Grant Accounting & Closeouts
· Tax Preparation and Compliance 
· Unrelated Business Income Tax issues
· Assistance with IRS issues
· Information Technology Consulting & Web Site Development

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